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A New Year, A New Start

Hello internet (or however many of you actually read this). Once upon a time, I had started a blog somewhere else but I never really tried my best to keep it up, causing me to forget the username and password. Yet, I got the urge to start a blog again. I'm going to keep myself anonymous and whoever I mention (if I ever do mention anyone) shall be anonymous as well. You can simply call me Lunar but I'm going to call myself Lunar Bright.

I'm just going to be ranting out my problems when I want to but I am also going to be posting other fun stuff. Probably not many pictures from my personal life because if someone I know were to ever read this (which I doubt) then they would get to know its me. I hope I can make this blog work.

What ideas do you have for my blog? Comment them if you even read this blog.

Until next time folks,

Lunar Bright going Dark. 

P.S. I promise all my other blog posts are going to be longer.

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