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Survival Tips: When People Come to Your House

If you're reading this blog right now, it probably means you're an internet person. And if you're an internet person, there's a 98% chance you're an introvert who doesn't like it when your parents call people over for lunch or dinner or if you have to go out to someone's house for lunch or dinner or... You get the idea.

If it makes you feel better, I hate it when guests come over or when we have to go out with a family or to a family's house or whatever. And most of the time, I use these simple tips to survive when a situation like this arrives.

1. Eye Contact

Never make eye contact with the person. If they speak to you, all you have to do is look anywhere else but their eyes.

2. Nod and Smile

Just nod and smile if the adults are talking and if they all laugh, you can either fake laugh or you can smile really widely and look like you know exactly what they were talking about.

3. Food

When the food comes, pay more attention to the food. This helps avoid eye contact (refer to tip #1.

4. School

Just pretend like you have some school work that you need to finish urgently.

5. Friends

Excuse yourself for a minute, go inside your room and message all your friends to see which one comes online and ask them to call you because "It's a 911 emergency"

6. Unless...

Unless of course, there are kids or a person your age or a person you have to talk to.

7. Solution to #6​

If there is a person who you have to talk to (kids, people your age, etc.) then it's easier to just show them in your room and ask them about things you like (books, playing games, youtubers, movies, whatever else you like *cough cough* this blog).

8. A Kid

If it's a kid then just give them an electronic device that is safe for them to use and download the app they like to play.

And those are all the tips I have for now. I love you guys (even though no one has even come across this blog at this point) and have a good day!

Until next time folks,

Lunar Bright going Dark.

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